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Texas system police association

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 About Us

     In January 2010, a group of police officers and inspectors from various University of Texas (UT) departments met in Austin and formed the Texas System Police Association (TSPA). The idea behind the organization was to give voice to the concerns of the campus and Independent School District Police employees and officers. At that time, the association's main focus was its commitment to police officer retirement reform within the Teacher Retirement System. Our focus soon also became representing our members before the Texas Legislature, State University Boards of Regents, their Chancellors, College Boards of Trustees, and ISD School Boards with an emphasis on improving the lives of our members. The association also understood that information about campus law enforcement was scarce. The association's newsletter began to print in late 2010 and was the best source for information on issues about University and ISD police law enforcement even today.

     Texas System Police Association's first success was getting the legislature to put university police in a separate TRS classification. Also, UT System Police adopted the association as its first official association. Other agencies soon began to see the good work of the Texas System Police Association, and our ranks started to grow. Because of the growth during the June Meeting of 2017, the association's Executive Board requested affiliation with the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas (CLEAT). In September 2018, CLEAT issued Chater of Affiliation #408 to Texas System Police Association. Texas System Police Association Executive Board of Directors continues working with Texas lawmakers using CLEAT as our representation.

     Texas System Police Association welcomed members from all campus policing agencies and is inspired to become the leading campus police association in Texas. We encourage all employees of the campus police department to join us. The hard work continues, and the TSPA is always looking for those who want to make a positive change in our most honorable profession.

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