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Texas System Police Associations 


Texas System Police Association is a unique organization that differs from many law enforcement associations. We allow campus police employees and officers to join with a regular membership that works for a campus law enforcement agency. Not only does T.S.P.A. look out for the welfare of the sworn personnel, but we look out for the welfare of civilians, security, and dispatcher of campus police departments. 

T.S.P.A. is also an all-volunteer organization. Many other associations pay their board members or a portion of them, which differs from T.S.P.A. Every representative and board member works for a campus police department full-time. 

T.S.P.A. prides itself in its ability to work with police and university administrative offices. We do not use a heavy-hand approach but rather an approach of mutual respect to the person or office with whom we are dealing. Based on this approach, T.S.P.A. has been able to accomplish many tasks for its members.

T.S.P.A. also giving back to its members, their families, and to the law enforcement community. Texas System Police Association is a 501(c)5 and contributes to other charities that are close to the hearts of our members. Texas System Police Association is dedicated to creating scholarships for children of T.S.P.A. members and has a dedicated foundation for that purpose. T.S.P.A. has also begun offering affordable law enforcement in-serve training for its members, which Texas System Police Association Foundation provides. 

Texas System Police Association is not only an association that works for members' benefits and employee issues. We consider ourselves to be a family. If a member of T.S.P.A retires while their membership is current; the members pay no dues, and the association will offer a Retired Membership for life!

T.S.P.A. has teamed up with CLEAT for our legal assistance. T.S.P.A. keeps a close relationship with CLEAT's executive staff. This assistance is available to members, whether civilian or sworn. You may join the T.S.P.A. and CLEAT individually or become a member of multiple organizations. T.S.P.A. dues are $16.00 a month. CLEAT dues are $30 a month. If you join both, your dues would be $46.00 a month. Dues are tax-deductible.

Our Benefits:

Death Benefit: 

  • A fifteen-hundred-dollar ($1,500.00) check will be given to the beneficiary of any dues-paying member that is killed in the line of duty or dies due to a catastrophic event or illness that is in good standing with their dues currently paid. An existing membership of at least one (1) year is required to qualify. 
Service Weapons:
  • If a member is involved in a shooting, and his/her weapon is taken into evidence while in the course of their official duties, the organization will help the member with the cost of a new firearm up to $600.00. An existing membership of at least one (1) year is required to qualify. 


  • If a member damages or loses their department or personal equipment during the commission of their duties, the organization will help the member with the cost of new equipment up to $600.00. An existing membership of at least one (1) year is required to qualify.

Payroll Reimbursement Benefit: 

  • Up to $150.00 per day when a member receives a suspension without pay from their employer, the organization may reimburse the member their daily payment with a maximum daily allowance of $150.00 for up to three (3) days. The number of days reimbursed shall not exceed those days of suspension without pay. (i.e. 1-day suspension without pay, the member will be reimbursed 1-day payment by the organization). An existing membership of at least one (1) year is required to qualify.

Legal Defense: 

  • Texas System Police Association and our attorneys will represent any member involved in an employer/employee dispute in which the employee faces developmental counseling or written reprimand that they feel is unfair. The Board of Executive Directors shall determine the extent of any legal proceedings the organization is willing to pay the expenses to resolve. The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse legal assistance to any member. There is a Fifteen Hundred dollar ($1,500.00) maximum limit to any expenses the association will pay. This benefit is in effect upon approval of a regular membership.  

Wills and Power of Attorneys (Discounted for Members)

  • The attorneys of Lyon, Gorsky & Gilbert, L.L.P. are available to help you and your family create wills and powers of attorney essential in the event of death or incapacitation. 

Family Law (Discounted for Members)

  • The family law and divorce practice at Lyon, Gorsky & Gilbert, L.L.P. Typically, people look for a divorce attorney. Still, Family Law comprises a broader range of subjects, such as domestic violence, paternity, visitation, protective orders, child support modification, and discontinuing wage withholding.
Personal Injury (Discounted for Members):
  • Gorsky & Gilbert, L.L.P also represent law enforcement officers and their families statewide due to personal injuries from automobile accidents, wrongful death, trucking accidents, and defective products.

Life Time Membership

  • Members of the Organization in good standing at their retirement under honorable circumstances shall be designated as Lifetime Members. Their annual dues to this organization shall be suspended, but they may not vote nor hold any elected position. Lifetime Members do not qualify for a death benefit. The member must have been paid for a continuing membership for at least two years. 

Call or E-mail Us:
Office: (877) 4MY-TSPA                            (877) 469-8772             E-mail:

P.O. BOX 195381
Dallas, Texas 75219

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