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Here are six proud reasons we share with everybody!!!!!!!

REASON #1: Inclusive

Texas System Police Association is a unique organization that differs from many other law enforcement organizations. We allow any police department employee to join with a regular membership that works for a campus law enforcement agency. Not only does TSPA look out for the welfare of the sworn personnel, but we look out for the welfare of civilian, security, and dispatcher of campus police departments. 

REASON #2: Unity

Texas System Police Association is unique because we also offer associate memberships to non-campus sworn police officers. An associate membership means that the sworn police officer may enjoy all the rights and privileges of TSPA, but will not be allowed to vote on or serve on any elected governing board. TSPA is also an all-volunteer organization. Many other organizations pay their board members, or a portion of their board members, and this is not the case with the TSPA. Every representative, board member, and regular member works for a campus police department as full time employees; this again is not the case in many other organizations. 

REASON #3:  Representation

TSPA prides itself in our ability to work with police and university administrative offices. We do not use a heavy hand approach, but rather an approach of mutual respect to the person or office with whom we are dealing.

Based on this approach, TSPA has been able to accomplish many tasks for its members including:

• For the past six years TSPA has been instrumental in reforming Texas Teachers Retirement.

• TSPA has assisted Chief Administrators with negotiating pay increases with university officials.

REASON #4: Benefits

TSPA also prides itself on giving back. 

• The Texas System Police Association offers a $1000.00 death benefit.

• Texas System Police Association Benefit 501(c)5, also, contributes to other charities that are close to the hearts of our members.

• Three times a year, the Texas System Police Association gives a scholarship to a child of a TSPA member in the amount of $500 each.

• TSPA has begun offering affordable law enforcement in-serve training for its members. 

REASON #5: Retirement

Texas System Police Association is not only an association that works for member’s benefits and employee issues. We consider ourselves to be a family.

• Retired members pay no dues and are honorary members for life!

REASON #6: Legal Assistance

TSPA has teamed up with CLEAT for our legal assistance. TSPA keeps a close relationship with CLEAT's executive staff. This assistance is available to members whether civilian or sworn. 

(Please remember that the TSPA and CLEAT are not national organizations, but are local and understand the local and state issues that may come up)

You may join the TSPA and CLEAT each individually, or you may become a member of multiple organizations. TSPA dues are $16.00 a month. CLEAT dues are $30 a month. If you join both, your dues would be $46.00 a month. Dues are tax deductible.




TSPA and all its members are represented by the law firm of LYON, GORSKY, GILBERT & LIVINGSTON, L.L.P., of Dallas, TX. They have agreed to represent our association and our members. TSPA and our attorneys will represent any member involved in an employer/employee dispute in which the employee faces a developmental counseling or written reprimand that they feel is unfair. TSPA pays up to $1,000 in legal fees. NOTE: TSPA is not a replacement for TMPA or CLEAT.

Legal Representation

TSPA offers all its members a $1,000 death benefit effective after one year of membership, in the advent they were to die in the line of duty. This check will be delivered A.S.A.P. upon confirmation form the member's Chief or Assistant Chief of Police.

Death Benefit

TSPA offers all its members a $500 weapon reimbursement benefit for a personal weapon stolen or put into evidence pending a trial

Weapon Reimbursement

TSPA offers all its members up to 3 days of suspension reimbursement pay. The amount reimbursed will be based on the members daily pay rate up to $150 per day with a 3 day maximum suspension.

Suspension Reimbursement

TSPA offers all its members discounted TCOLE training, state discounts, and grant assistance to receive a level IIIA vest.


The TSPA Scholarship Program was developed from a strong sense of commitment to TSPA members and their families. The scholarship program was instituted for funding higher education for TSPA members and their dependents. During the December 7, 2016 Board meeting, it was motioned and voted that the scholarship award would be a minimal of $500.00 and not to exceed $1500.00. The Scholarship award is $500.00, and the number of awards is subject to program funding. We intend to make the deadline to apply for a scholarship from TSPA every June 1st. This is so that the award can be given at the year TSPA Conference.


Call or E-mail Us:
Office: (877) 4MY-TSPA                            (877) 469-8772             E-mail:

P.O. BOX 195381
Dallas, Texas 75219

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